Hakomi Method and Process – The Principles

At the heart of The Hakomi Method is a set of time-honored principles which underlie all aspects of the work. Navigating by these principles, the practitioner approaches both the client and the process with a sense of wholeness, respect, and humility. This framework then translates into concrete clinical skills and thoughtfully designed interventions. Equally important, by being held in this perspective, the client may then be able to internalize these principles as an ongoing source of inner guidance.

The Principles are:

  • Unity: an inclusive awareness of the interrelatedness of things
  • Organicity: the recognition and honoring or each person’s individuality
  • Mind/Body/Spirit Holism: the assumption that all elements of experience are essential.
  • Mindfulness: the value of being genuinely aware of exactly what is happening
  • Nonviolence: a commitment to respect and loving regard
  • Truth: the pursuit of the actual nature of things
  • Change: the trust that things can and will move and evolve