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M.E.T.A. Personal Growth Training

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CEU: — NBCC CE available
Presented by: Deah Baird, ND, LPC, CHT, Hakomi Teacher and Nova Knutson, BS, LMT, CHP, Hakomi Teacher
Location: 4531 SE Belmont St, Suite 300 Portland, OR 97215
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About this Training

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M.E.T.A. Personal Growth Introductory Workshops

Clarity, Action, Satisfaction, and Peace

This workshop is currently unscheduled. Check back soon!

CEUs: No NBCC CE Available
Presented by:
Nova Knutson, CHT, LMT
Location: 4531 SE Belmont St, Suite 300 Portland, OR 97215
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About this Workshop

Each of us has formed a unique relationship to decision making, activity, rest, productivity and procrastination. ….How we figure out what we want to do next; what we wish to get done; what we actually get done; what we did instead of what we wanted to do; did we let ourselves enjoy it along the way, and finally did we get to rest and take in the goodness of it once all was said and done….

The Sensitivity Cycle is a map of the cycle of Doing and Being that we can see mirrored in nature. Quiet, stillness, listening, restfulness leads to knowing/clarity. Knowing leads to effective, efficient and incisive action. Effective action leads to satisfaction, pleasure, enjoyment. Satisfaction leads to rest and stillness. When we don’t allow ourselves to complete one of these phases, the parts of the cycle that follow are impacted and our satisfaction is reduced.

How do you know what you want to do?
How do you get clear about what the next step is?
How easy is it for you to feel your own experience, to know your own mind?
How do you get clear when life is complex or confusing?

Once you are clear about what’s right for you, how easy is it to act on your knowledge?
How do you take effective action to move in the direction of your goals?
What is your relationship to productivity, procrastination and change?

Once you take action, do you allow yourself to feel satisfied?
Are you getting deeply nourished by your efforts and accomplishments?
Are you able to take in the fruits of your labor and experience pleasure and contentment?

What is your relationship to completion?
Do you allow yourself to finish a task and let it go clearly and fully?
When you complete an action do you get to rest and take it in before starting on the next project?
Do you allow for space, quiet, and restfulness in your day?

Join Nova Knutson, Certified Hakomi Teacher for a day long exploration of The Sensitivity Cycle. Talks and experiential exercises help you get to know your unique relationship to the fundamental themes of knowing, doing, accomplishment, satisfaction and resting in contentment. This introduction gives participants a chance to study their habits and beliefs around these themes and practice new ways of being. This class is an intro to META’s upcoming personal growth training, You Are the Home You Have Been Looking For, finding your full self in connection, but is not required as a prerequisite.


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