M.E.T.A. Introductory Workshops

M.E.T.A. offers introductory workshops in professional mindful somatic therapies and personal development. They provide a taste of our unique experiential training orientation, and may serve as prerequisites to some of our trainings. Anyone is welcome to register for our introductory workshops without submitting an application. Participation in any of our trainings (our multi-week professional and personal growth trainings) requires a one-time application and approval. See individual training pages for more information.

The Essentials: Mindful Experiential Skills for Helping Professionals
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Registration Information:

$225 3% fee for PayPal payments (via debit or credit card).
CEU: 10 NBCC CE Available
Presented by: Donna Roy, LPC, Hakomi Trainer





About this Workshop:

The best place to explore how mindful somatic skills can help you in your work!
Join us for a dynamic introduction to mindfulness, somatic counseling and interpersonal attunement. The Essentials weekend offers foundational theory and practice to enhance a wide range of services, including counseling, bodywork, coaching, teaching, facilitation, community mental health, and more. Our approachable format includes exercises, lectures, discussion and reflection to build personal awareness and interpersonal skill.
M.E.T.A. and the Hakomi Method have been pioneers in the field of somatics and mindfulness for individual and community wellness. For more than 40 years, Hakomi-trained practitioners have served at the cutting edge of integrated health service, challenging the myth of the mind-body separation and expanding the profession’s trust in the inherent wholeness of human beings.

M.E.T.A. methods and educational philosophy are firmly rooted in the following Hakomi Principles:

  • MINDFULNESS supports studying and evolving the organization of experience. An exploratory, relaxed and alert state of consciousness, mindfulness bridges our normal, habitual thoughts and actions to the often richly non-verbal intuitions of our deeper states
  • NON-VIOLENCE promotes safe, non-forceful, cooperative exploration of present experience and deep respect for the integrity of living systems
  • MIND-BODY INTEGRATION affirms that mind and body jointly manifest and reflect the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world
  • UNITY recognizes that living, organic systems are integral wholes, composed of parts, which also participate in larger systems. Individuals cannot be served separate from the collective
  • ORGANICITY honors the self-directing and self-correcting drive of life force and selfhood. Rather than imposing their own agenda, the therapist works cooperatively with the client’s system
Upon completion of The Essentials weekend, you will:
  • Explore the nuances of mindfulness and its role in the change process
  • Deepen your capacity to notice and track subtle experiences and states in others
  • Investigate the Hakomi Principles of Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches in action
  • Connect with other mindful, somatic practitioners
Who will benefit from The Essentials weekend:
  • Experienced counselors curious about the benefits of increased mindfulness in your established practice
  • Bodyworkers, physicians and wellness professionals seeking interpersonal skills
  • New practitioners passionate about deep change
  • Professionals integrating mind-body perspectives into established practices
  • Integrative health practitioners interested in further training by leaders in the field
The Essentials weekend is taught by core M.E.T.A. faculty with support from advanced student assistants, and offered quarterly.
The Essentials weekend serves as a prerequisite for further training in M.E.T.A. and Hakomi. Successful completion of The Essentials enables a student to apply to a M.E.T.A. training program without the typical application fee. A discount code will be provided to students upon completion of The Essentials weekend.

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M.E.T.A Integrative Bodywork Introductory Workshops:

Embodied Ethics: Communication and Healthy Boundaries for Touch and Energy Therapists

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Registration Information:

$100 (Save $50 off the total tuition when you register for this workshop and the Power of Contact workshop! Use the discount code from the email or contact the Registrar for the required coupon code before registering. Tuition total after discount for both workshops is $350)
3% fee for PayPal payments (via debit or credit card).
CEU: 4 CE for LMTs Meets Oregon Board of Massage Therapy’s new Ethics, Boundaries and Communication Requirement. No NBCC CE Available.
Presented by: Nova Knutson, CHP, LMT


About this Workshop:

Do you find it challenging to say no when you need to? Do you sometimes feel you have to choose between being powerful and feeling connected? How do we balance between caring for our clients generously and respecting our own limits?

Our clients depend upon us to be able to hold boundaries in a way that is clear and firm while remaining kind, warm and relational. This experiential exploration of ethics and communication from the inside out offers a powerful and playful opportunity to learn about and develop your own boundary and relationship edges. Ready to grow your capacity for boundaries and connection both in and out of your professional life? Don’t miss this class!

This class is offered in conjunction with a 12 CE weekend workshop in META Integrative Bodywork. You can take this class on its own or at a discounted rate as part of the weekend program.

No drop-ins. Advance registration is required.

The Power of Contact: Foundations of Mindful Somatic Bodywork

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Registration information:

$300 (Save $50 off the total tuition when you register for this workshop and the Embodied Ethics workshop! Use the discount code from the email or contact the Registrar for the required coupon code before registering. Tuition total after discount for both workshops is $350)
3% fee for PayPal payments (via debit or credit card).
CEU: 12 CE for LMTs. No NBCC CE Available
Presented by: Nova Knutson, CHP, LMT


About this Workshop:

Numerous studies in the helping professions have shown that clients make better progress when they feel their therapist is emotionally attuned and connected with them. In some studies, relationship has been shown to have a stronger impact on client healing than training, experience or modality.

Harnessing the power of connection in our work is good for our clients and our practices. When clients experience a felt sense of human connection with their practitioners, the benefit of the work extends into deeper layers of the person. Ultimately this has the potential to soften long held body/mind armoring, freeze states and the embodied psycho-emotional tensions that are far deeper than we can reach with even the deepest pressure. When we contact our clients on these many levels, our work has the potential to deeply matter to our clients’ lives.

Some of the ways to create this sense of connection with your clients might surprise you. Energetic factors such as loving presence and intention are important, but there are also specific actions you can take help your clients experience the felt-sense that you are with them. These are learnable skills that will help you create relationships that are truly therapeutic to our clients on many levels.

In this exciting two-day experiential workshop, students will:

  • Experience M.E.T.A. Integrative Bodywork’s unique whole-person approach to learning and to manual therapies.
  • Learn foundational theory and skills drawn from the science of the human attachment system.
  • Practice key M.E.T.A. techniques that you can use with your clients right away to help make your work more impactful in your clients’ lives.
  • Begin to develop advanced verbal skills drawn from Hakomi Mindful Somatic Therapy to make your sessions more relational and emotionally relevant.
  • Explore the ethical guidelines for creating safe and effective therapeutic relationships.
  • Apply these concepts to yourself through direct experience and thereby grow your capacity for deep connection both in and out of your treatment room.

M.E.T.A. Integrative Bodywork offers increased depth and richness to the practice of bodywork and energy-work. We teach body-practitioners the skills to safely and comfortably engage the whole person on the table. Whether you are new to these concepts or a seasoned practitioner, this class will help you deepen the impact and potential of your work with clients.

Nova Knutson, LMT, CHP, a Portland-based counselor and bodyworker with over 20 years in practice, is the creator and teacher of META’s Integrative Bodywork Program. She is a strong believer in the power of body and energy work to impact clients in ways that are meaningful and important. Nova teaches with enthusiasm, kindness, and humor and is honored and delighted to share this work with hands-on-practitioners of all kinds.

This class can be taken in conjunction with Friday’s Embodied Ethics at a discounted rate.


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