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Mamma Mia! Free Informational Meeting

November 2, 2017 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Mamma Mia! Experiential and Mindfulness-based Counseling Group for All Sorts of Moms

What Mamma Mia! Is About
Mamma Mia! is a counseling group which will guide you on a journey through the process and key passages of your motherhood. Within a playful and warm environment, the group will support you in exploring your experiences as a mother, and in developing your awareness, sense of competence, capacity for mindful choices, self-compassion, and connection with other moms facing the same joys and challenges as you.

How It Is Structured
Mamma Mia! is structured in a way so that each session will focus on a specific phase or aspect of motherhood. Below are short descriptions of the themes the group will explore:

Informational meeting – Let’s Inform the Moms (free of charge)
The first meeting will offer general information and an overview of the process we will lead the group through, and of our approach to counseling, which informs our work together.

Session 1 – Our Archetypes of Motherhood
In the first session, we will investigate the legacy of motherhood inside of your family of origin. We will also explore the overall feelings you hold about the ways you have been raised by the fundamental female figures of your life. We will focus our attention on the kinds of myths these figures covertly or overtly delivered to you about being a mother, in which ways you keep these myths inside of yourself, and to what extent the woman you are today wants to honor or take some distance from the archetypes.

Session 2 – The Mind and The Body of a Mom
In the third session, we will explore together the phase of your life when you started to conceive the desire of having a child or you discovered you were pregnant, and how you shifted from being a woman into being a woman and a mom. We will also look at how your mom’s mind developed and bring you back to the Body’s experience of motherhood. We will revisit the physical changes you went through during your pregnancies, the moment when you gave birth to your child, the sense of your body after birth, and the way your body transformed alongside that of your baby and their development towards being an independent person.

Session 3/4 – Am I Good Enough? Joys and Challenges of Motherhood
In sessions, we will explore the way you perceive yourself as a mom, how you acknowledge your strengths, your intuition, and your capacities for being a “good-enough” mom. We will focus on all the challenges that you have or will face during the process of your child’s growth, challenges which may make your sense of confidence and trust in yourself and in your baby waver.

Session 5/6 – When My Child Drives Me Nuts!
In this sessions, we will work experientially to respectfully and lovingly explore the situations that are likely to trigger automatic reactions in you; reactions you end up not liking, or which leave you feeling unsatisfied. The process of the group experience will offer support, nourishment, and allow room for healing to occur.

Session 7 – The Sweet Spot Between Loving Them and Letting Them Go
Helping our child to grow and develop is an ongoing process of separation. We first ‘separate’ from our baby when we give birth, and we continue to separate during other stages of their lives; when we stop breastfeeding, when they go to school, when they start dating, etc. With each separation, we savor that sweet spot between loving them so much and letting them go. In this session, we will focus on how these beautiful and potentially tricky moments resonate within you, and in what ways you experience them.

Session 8 – Moms In Connection: How Can We Continue to Support Each Other?
The last session will guide the group into the exploration and recognition of the process we have been sharing together, the bonds we have been creating, and the loving support we have been giving to each other. The group will use its collective brain to produce ideas about ways to keep those bonds alive beyond the experience of the group itself.

Who the Group is For
Mamma Mia! welcomes ALL moms: Moms of different ages, with children at different stages, and with different family configurations. Participants will be at various points of motherhood and will therefore be experiencing a variety of challenges around the themes of motherhood. Whether you are a new mother or your children are now adults, this group deeply values the richness of exchange and mutual support that can take place within such an environment.

The Approach to Counseling
Our approach to counseling is experiential, engaging, and body-oriented. In a loving and judgment-free environment, the group will be guided using a variety of counseling tools to mindfully study the way each individual organizes her experience around the subject of motherhood. Moments of sharing and processing will happen in the form of couples, small groups, and within the larger group. Nourishment will take place each time that the processing of a single person or the whole group unfolds in a way that allows wounds to heal. In this group, we will discover new and unexpected ways to connect with ourselves, our children, and other group members.

Counselors (and moms!)
Marcy Irene Jenks and Valentina Iadeluca

Every Thursday evening, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, 8 weeks (excluding Thanksgiving week and the week between Christmas and New Years holiday)

M.E.T.A. Counseling Clinic
4531 SE Belmont St, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97215

Fee and Enrollment
$240 This amount can be split into 8 payments of $30, to be paid in cash or check before the beginning of each session. We ask that you commit to all eight sessions. The first informative session is free of charge. Formal enrollments will take place between the first and the second session. Financial aid is available. Please contact Marcy or Valentina for further information

If you have any questions or you feel ready to schedule the first informative session please email or call
Marcy: marcy@mindfulpeacepeacefulmind.com Tel. 503-450-9999 ext. 125 or
Valentina: metaclinicvale@gmail.com Tel .503-450-9999 ext. 128


November 2, 2017
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


M.E.T.A. Training Center
4531 SE Belmont St., Suite 300 OR
Portland, OR 97215 United States
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