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Dear M.E.T.A. Community,

As you know, M.E.T.A., LLC, including the M.E.T.A. Counseling Clinic, officially dissolved August 31, 2021.

Fifteen years ago, when we formed M.E.T.A., LLC, we were excited about Jon’s vision of his new and therapeutically integrated work (the M.E.T.A. clinical framework that weaves together Self, Categories of Woundedness, Hakomi, R-CS, Attachment, and Trauma), as well as Donna’s vision of promoting Hakomi and M.E.T.A. ideas more widely. Working together since then both of us would describe our partnership as an extraordinarily harmonious and creative business relationship, and feel satisfied and proud of what was accomplished.

Over this time, M.E.T.A. was graced with and developed a team of local teachers, trainers and staff and produced scores of 2-year and multi-month trainings and weekend workshops. These offerings were in support of the personal and professional development of hundreds of mental health professionals, those transitioning into the personal change field, alternative therapists, aligned professionals, and the general public. This allowed several truly wonderful and competent M.E.T.A. graduates to become certified as Hakomi therapists, teachers and trainers, and fostered an astounding community (in many ways, a family) of brilliant and heartful practitioners.

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Equally important, the vision of a community service arm under M.E.T.A.’s umbrella also grew in the early years, and twelve years ago Donna and a handful of M.E.T.A. grads initiated the M.E.T.A. Counseling Clinic. It was conceived as an internship site for grad students in counseling, and set up to meet the local need for public access to affordable, high quality, mindfulness-based counseling. It grew into a highly-respected local community service. As a result of the 2020 Covid-19 conditions, clinic staff evolved and reorganized systems and services to be able to offer critically needed online services.

That we at M.E.T.A. accomplished all this is a source of great pride and satisfaction to us, and we are enormously grateful for the support, time, energy, guidance, collaboration, and good will that so many invested in making all the above happen.

Nevertheless, time has marched on, as it will, and, having pulled back and stepped aside, we are confident that our collective good work is in the caring and capable hands of senior M.E.T.A. faculty and staff who make up the new Hakomi Institute of the Pacific Northwest (HIPNW). We trust these leaders and this process to lead to high quality, evolved training options. To ensure this, the local team is assessing, clarifying and planning responses that address implications of the pandemic, social justice considerations, organizational change needs, and virtual and in-person training options.

Though we let go of the business called M.E.T.A., LLC, we look forward to engaging with current and future training graduates and HIPNW in various ways, from consultation to certification mentoring to availability as trainers. Though the clinic also closed, given its local value and the service need, we expect it will have a future manifestation and look forward to supporting however this unfolds. And, while M.E.T.A., LLC, no longer exists, the efforts M.E.T.A fostered will continue and evolve through the hearts and work of all of us.

While we have taken this big corporate (and personal) step of letting go, we will continue to believe in the wonderful M.E.T.A. community that has flourished so sweetly with all of us. Our hearts are full as we step toward our futures. We sincerely thank you all for what you have done to make our community so strong and successful, and for what you will continue to do to carry our messages of Principles, Selfhood, Connection, and Healing out into the world. Know that we send you all love and gratitude, and heartfelt cheering for the so many ways you all continue to impact our world for the better…

Wishing you the best,

Donna and Jon

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Many, many thanks, and may you stay safe and inspired as you continue on your path.