M.E.T.A, LLC Financial Aid Policy

M.E.T.A. Tuition, Withdrawal, And Refund Policies


  • All tuition owed for any workshop or training program needs to be paid in full by the conclusion of the workshop or training, unless a separate documented arrangement has been agreed upon by M.E.T.A., LLC.
  • M.E.T.A. offers several payment options: (1) Pay with a credit card in total. Includes a 3% processing fee; (2) Pay with a credit card in automatic installments, according to your payment plan. First payment made at time of registration. Includes a 3% processing fee; (3) Pay with a check in full; (4) Pay with a check in automatic payments by sending all checks to our bookkeeper (address below), post dated for monthly installments, according to your payment plan. First check dated for time of registration. Payments may be made online with Visa or MasterCard, or by mailing a check or checks made out to M.E.T.A., LLC, and sent to M.E.T.A., LLC Bookkeeper, 12444 SW 55th Place, Portland Oregon 97219.
  • Liability for the full tuition of any workshop or training remains with the student. If a student needs a different payment plan than what is outlined above we are willing to talk about personal circumstances. Students should schedule a time to discuss options with us.
  • There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks.


  • Enrollment in the training constitutes a commitment to try to resolve personal or interpersonal difficulties in a sincere and committed manner before initiating withdrawal from the training.
  • However, should a student desire to withdraw, the student agrees to submit his/her intention in writing to the training faculty, and to meet to discuss any such situation with the training staff, prior to withdrawing. The student has the option of bringing an additional support person of their choice to this meeting.
  • In the event of withdrawal from the training, M.E.T.A. and the student agree to adhere to the Refund Policy (below).


  • By being accepted into a M.E.T.A. training and entering into a contract, the student agrees to be liable for the full cost of the training. The student may withdraw from the training for any reason within one week after the completion of the first training weekend and receive a refund of all tuition [not including the nonrefundable application fee and cost of first weekend]. Such withdrawals must be communicated in writing.
  • After such time, no refunds will be given and the student remains liable for the full amount of the tuition regardless of his or her continued participation.
  • M.E.T.A. agrees to consider extraordinary circumstances such as emergency or illness which might affect the student’s ability to continue participation; however, final decision regarding such circumstances and the refund of tuition resides solely with M.E.T.A.
  • If, one week after the completion of the first weekend of a training, the sum of the remaining tuition fees for the training is deemed by M.E.T.A. to be less than equal to the budget and expenses for the training, then M.E.T.A. may discontinue the training. All tuition fees received, minus an equally divided portion of the actual expenses of the presentation of the first weekend of the training, will be refunded to the student.
  • If M.E.T.A. fails to provide any contracted services and no other form of compensation can be agreed upon, M.E.T.A. shall refund to the student that portion of the tuition that corresponds on a prorated basis to such services.

Please direct all tuition related questions to info@meta-trainings.com

M.E.T.A. Financial Aid Policy

Financial Aid Policy

M.E.T.A. strives to keep our trainings affordable and accessible to working professionals, graduate students and those dedicated to personal and professional growth. Through our discounts and extended payment plans, we offer ways for motivated and skilled students who have financial needs to take our trainings. To discuss your options, email us at: info@meta-trainings.com.


You may use only one of the following discounts for each training:

  • Early registration discount of 3%. If you register for a training at least a month before the training starts, you receive a 3% discount off the total tuition. See individual training descriptions for early registration prices.
  • Family/Couple Discount: 3% off for couples and/or other family members taking the same training at the same time. Both applicants must also be accepted into and enroll in the training.
  • Repeat enrollees: Students who elect to repeat a training they have previously completed and paid for in full may attend a second training for a 50% discount. This applies only to trainings, and not to M.E.T.A. Intros. If you’d like to repeat a training you have already taken and receive a discount, contact Selin Strait at selin@meta-trainings.com for a discount code.

Payment Plans:

M.E.T.A. offers flexible interest-free payments plans. A standard plan is regular monthly payments, first payment at the time of registration, completed by the end of the training. Credit card payments are automatically withdrawn every month and include a 3% processing fee. To make no-fee payments by check, send all payments (1 check for each payment, postdated to the appropriate month) beginning with the date of registration. Checks will be deposited on the corresponding month. To arrange a payment plan contact Selin Strait at selin@meta-trainings.com.


4531 SE Belmont St, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97215
Training Center 503-450-9911
Counseling Clinic 503-450-9999

Jon Eisman, CHT, Sr Trainer, Educational Director
& Founder, M.E.T.A., LLC and the Hakomi Institute of Oregon
503-482-2840 * joneisman@meta-trainings.com

Donna Roy, LPC, CHT, Certified Hakomi Trainer,
Clinical Director & Co-Director of M.E.T.A., LLC and the Hakomi Institute of Oregon
503-450-9919 * donnaroy@meta-trainings.com

Selin Strait, LPC, RDMT, M.E.T.A. Training Coordinator
503-450-9911, ext 1 * selin@meta-trainings.com



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